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How it works

  • 6 Week Online Course
    95% efficacy rate for compliant patients
  • Live Spine Coach
    Trained rehab experts guiding your progress daily
  • Physician Oversight
    Consultation with doctor and MRI review when needed
  • Custom Programs
    Each program is personalized to your individual abilities, goals and strength
  • Progress Tracking
    Daily monitoring and changes made to exercise regimen
  • Education
    Condition specific content

The Program

Expert Coaching
With SpineZone, a Spine Coach will work with you every day during your personalized program. You will be carefully guided through exercises to strengthen your back muscles, improve your posture, and get in control of your back to resolve your pain.
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FREE for Scripps patients
SpineZone is the #1 trusted source for over 700 doctors
Perfected over a decade and over 300,000 patient encounters.
SpineZone has partnerships with multiple major health systems and health plans focused specifically on back pain management.
Created by Surgeons, Scientists, and Researchers
Based on a group of orthopedic surgeons' passion to empower patients to heal without surgery. The program is based on science that shows the efficacy of exercise, mind/body modalities, and postural correction.
Based on decades of clinical research and peer-reviewed journals
The exercise progression and mind/body modalities are based on over 100 peer reviewed articles and mutiple NIH funded grants proving its efficacy.
Proven long-term effectiveness
After completion of the SpineZone program, 40% of patients continue to engage in the maintenance program
What people are saying
Don’t take our word. See what people say about SpineZone.
We have got over 500 positive reviews.
  • “SpineZone has helped me tremendously! The online coaching is great, you can do the exercises anytime, and you can talk to anyone at the office anytime.”
  • “SpineZone has given me my life back”
  • “SpineZone keeps me in shape and I look better now than when I worked out 7 days a week”
  • “SpineZone has a very interactive team approach. I like the methodology of the physical therapists. They work holistically on the whole body.”
  • “This is the first program that's ever helped me. The pain in my legs is gone. SpineZone is very well directed and precise in the way they direct you to strengthen your spine. It's helped me immeasurably.”
  • “I rolled into my first SpineZone appointment in a wheelchair. Three months later I was snorkeling in Mexico! Coming to SpineZone is like being with an extremely qualified NASCAR pit crew, for your body! I've got my life back.”
  • “Since I'm into natural therapy, I'm very happy I chose SpineZone. It's allowed me to resume all the activities I love like sailing and skiing.”
  • “Thank you and your staff for the excellent direction and conditioning advice you gave me during my 6 week program. I am amazed how well i feel due to your guidance. I can do things now that I couldn't do before I was directed to SpineZone by Dr. Zack Fellows. Again thanks, for all your help and guidance thru the past 6 weeks..i am truly thankful. And yes.. I will continue to do the stretching exercises as you suggested.”
  • “I've had upper back and shoulder / neck pain for the past 10 years and tried everything from chiropractic, acupuncture, frequent massages, physical therapy etc to fix it but none has been able to give me long-term relief. When I tried SpineZone Online, I was able to experience a remarkable decrease in pain within just 2-3 weeks of daily exercise and posture correction. I love that SpineZone inculcates daily exercise routines over 6 weeks because it helps me develop a healthy habit that is sustainable over the long-term, and also gives me tools that I can leverage to get me back into shape if my pain comes back. The coach function was also highly effective in keeping me accountable to stick to my routines; Megan was always there to guide me and made sure I understand how every exercise works. Also, I was able to communicate any difficulty in executing the program and adjust my routines to fit my travel schedules. In short, I highly recommend anyone with back pain to give SpineZone a try. Seeing a chiro, masseuse or acupuncturist may give you temporary relief but won't help you fix your issues in the long run. SpineZone has made me realize that the best investment I can make in myself is to be self aware of how my daily habits and actions can directly result in reducing my pain and that the power for change lies in getting the right education, being self-discipline and having a good coach / program to follow.”
    Cheryl Sew Hoy
Customer Stories
Computer worker with neck and arm pain
Age: 53
Condition: Cervical Disc Herniation
First visit: May 2011
History: Recent history of radiating neck and arm pain. Pain started after repetitive work at a computer and repetitive neck motions. Medications and physical therapy had not been effective at improving symptoms. Upon examination patient has axial neck pain and cervical radiculopathy (weakness and numbness). MRI showed cervical disc herniation and nerve impingement.
Outcomes for this patient
Pain reduction
Achieved strength gains in Lumbar
Achieved strength gains in Thoracic Rotation
Achieved strength gains in Cervical
Division I Tennis Player
Age: 16
Condition: Disc Herniation
First visit: February 2002
History: Experienced severe pain on the left side, especially when twisting and serving. Chiropractic, PT, and e-stim did not alleviate symptoms. This was to be the key year for his sports ranking, yet he had pulled out of multiple tournaments and risked having to pull out of the sectionals, which were the key tournament for his ranking and scholarship opportunity. He and family had essentially given up the dream of Division I tennis. Started with SpineZone in combination with ablation.
Outcomes for this patient
Pain reduction
Achieved strength gains in Lumbar
Achieved strength gains in Thoracic
Unsuccessful use of PT and injections
Age: 63
Condition: Kyphosis, Degenerative Disc Disease and Spinal Stenosis
First visit: March 2013
History: In 2002 Keith started experiencing low back pain and associated restricted mobility. Personal trainer pushed too hard and started the pain. Recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. Tried for six years to relieve pain with injections every three months. No long term benefit from the injections. Posture increasingly forward stooped (kyphosis). Minimally invasive procedure to reduce pain in 2012 that did not relieve pain. X-rays reveal increased kyphosis.
Outcomes for this patient
Pain reduction
Achieved strength gains in Lumbar
Achieved strength gains in Thoracic Rotation
Achieved strength gains in Cervical
Tennis player, Surgeon
Age: 68
Condition: Spinal Stenosis and Spondylolisthesis
First visit: December 2012
History: Presented with increasing persistent back and leg pain. He was a life-long, avid tennis player who was unable to play any longer without reproduction of pain and therefore was not enjoying it. Symptoms also impacted his ability to other exercise. Imaging shows symptoms of severe spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis in the lumbar region. Works as a surgeon. Was seen by multiple surgeons and surgery was recommended.
Outcomes for this patient
Achieved strength gains in lumbar
Achieved strength gains in Thoracic Rotation
Achieved strength gains in Cervical
Kayaker, Active Exerciser
Age: 44
Condition: Sciatica
First visit: February 2014
History: Recent history with low back pain. Active kayaker, pain flared up after yoga while working. Increased pain. Diagnosis of sciatica. Changing positions creates sharp pain in his low back and radiating down leg, afraid to move quickly. Symptoms became chronic lasting for 7 months and not improving.
Outcomes for this patient
Pain reduction
Achieved strength gains in Lumbar
Achieved strength gains in Thoracic Rotation
Achieved strength gains in Cervical
Age: 14
Condition: Scoliosis
First visit: May 2006
History: Student, identified with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis at age of 7. Charlotte’s curve had progressed without bracing from 25-45 degrees by age of 12. She experienced no pain. She was started on nighttime bracing and SpineZone stretching and strengthening.
Outcomes for this patient
Achieved strength gains in Lumbar
Achieved strength gains in Thoracic Rotation
Pain keeping him from work
Age: 57
Condition: Pain Post Surgical
First visit: March 2014
History: Recent history of pain in thoracic spine. Patient has neck and mid back pain that makes it awkward to work. Had to sit in a twisted position to gain some relief. Past spine fusion L5-S1 and physical therapy.
Outcomes for this patient
Pain reduction
Achieved strength gains in Lumbar
Achieved strength gains in Thoracic Rotation
Achieved strength gains in Cervical
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