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SpineZone has successfully relieved thousands of patients from back and neck pain while eliminating unnecessary surgery. With SpineZone Online, a Spine Coach will work with you every day during your personalized six-week program. You will be carefully guided through exercises to strengthen your back muscles, improve your posture, and get in control of your back to resolve your pain.

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What's Included

  1. Five-Minute health assessment
  2. Daily strength+posture exercises and education on nutrition, mind-body interactions and your anatomy over 6 weeks
  3. Progress tracking
  4. Live Spine Coach by e-mail, instant message, and telephone to guide you to recovery
  5. Return to a pain-free life
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What people are saying
“I have done 3 of the exercises daily. My lower back has been completely absent of pain for nearly a week!”
on 17-Jan 2017
“I'm very thankful my doctor recommended SpineZone. I had a pain like a drill and could only stand X 5 minutes. Now no more pain and I can stand as much as I want to.”
on 2-Feb-2017
“The staff was really patient with me and taught me proper form! I find myself correcting my posture throughout my daily activities!”
on 31-Jan-2017
“Great experience. Better than what I was expecting and I was expecting a lot.”
on 30-Jan-2017
“Very pleased with the approach and the results so far. Thanks!”
on 26-Jan-2017